Sleep Solutions for the Holidays

This holiday season, friends and family will be gathering together, some maybe for the first time in a few years. With the home crowded with loved ones and laughter, one of the puzzles that may need solving is finding enough places for everyone to sleep once all the guest rooms are filled.

There are a few different space-saving sleep options for those extra guests. Perhaps the most well-known is the sofabed. Two major types of sofabed are the standard sofabed and the easy open sofabed, also known as the European sofabed. The standard sofabed hides the bed underneath the seat cushions, and is opened like this:

The easy open mechanism is named so because the whole sofabed simply opens from the back:

See? Easy! The easy open sofabed is heavier duty, and can handle more traffic, but comes at a higher price point than the standard sofabed.

Another option is the sleeper sofa or sectional. A versatile option, it essentially turns a sectional into a big rectangle that someone can sleep on:

Some sectionals, like the one above, come with a storage chaise to store pillows and blankets.

Finally, perhaps a lesser known option is the cabinet bed. This is the most effective option for saving space. It's perfect for a small office, or if you already have a sofa in your living room. It acts as a cabinet which stores a foldable mattress:

You can place a TV or decor on top when not using it as a bed, and many cabinet beds come with extra storage.

These are all great multifunctional options for loved ones to lay their heads for a night or two, so that you, too, can rest easy this holiday season.