Life at Home

They say home is where the heart is....

Spending more time at home can ignite many different emotions in people.  I would hope the majority have feelings of comfort.  You wake up in the morning and have your spot where you enjoy your coffee or tea and ponder the day.  You feel joy as you prepare meals for you and your family in a kitchen that's “yours”.   

I always start my day cuddled in my Lazboy with my Journal and cup of coffee; okay so it’s a pot of coffee but there is lots to ponder!  As I peruse Blogs and Interior design sites, I question why these spaces need to look so “perfect”.  They are there for inspiration and like the never-ending fitness sites they are rarely attainable.  We need to redefine “perfect” as “perfect for me/us”.  Our homes should be functional and useful to us and our families. 

Are you discovering there are spaces in your home that aren’t working?  Kids are doing their schoolwork on the kitchen counter, there isn’t a quiet place for that work Zoom call, the living room furniture is so uncomfortable that no one sits there. 

My son has claimed one end of our Canadel table and thank heavens it’s big enough for us to still have our dinners and not disturb the delicate balance of star cubes and nano dots.  Being home for such an extended period allows us to re-assess our spaces. 

I have realized the deck is an important space to relax and unwind.  While we have an amazing Ratana sectional, something was missing.  When I added the Loloi outdoor carpet, the outdoor space felt so much more cozy and now my feet won’t catch on fire from the summer heat of the decking.

Often, the question is where to begin and what to prioritize?  Have a look at the sequence of events in your day and what brings you the most frustration.  Is it the clutter on the kitchen table because “stuff” has nowhere to go?  Then that is where to start. You may enjoy the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo to get you started.  Or maybe that sofa that looks amazing is not so comfy for binge watching Netflix.  Now that we are cooking more, maybe it's that oven that never really reaches the right temperature.  These are large purchases that take some budget planning to make happen but having a plan and deciding what is the priority is half the battle!

Life as we have known it has changed.  But maybe it has given us all a time to slow down for a moment and define what is important.  I for one am grateful for my family and the comfort of our home.  Thank you to all those that are in the front lines helping us all get through this.  Stay safe.

Christine Hoechsmann, Owner