Favorite Trends for 2021

Earthy tones are my favorite for 2021 and included in these lovely, warm, rich tones is…beige!  Beige is back! We started to see the resurgence when grey transitioned to ‘greige’ so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.   Lighter wood tones are everywhere, from kitchens to floors to exteriors.

Warm comfortable spaces are on everyone’s list with the insurgence of curvaceous furniture, natural textiles and warm woods.  Rich pops of color can be seen with arts and crafts elements and some of our favorite finds at our local shops and markets for a personal touch. 


We also are seeing Rattan and Wicker make a comeback as part of the natural textures in chairs, bedroom furniture and tables.    Mid-century modern with retro lines, lighter wood tones and vintage feels, naturally fits into the geometric shape and earthy trends. 



One of my favorite new design words is “Grandmillennial Style” aka, what is old is new again…again.  This shouldn’t surprise us that vintage would be back something fierce however this time around it feels more grass roots and a genuine desire to recycle and reuse what you can.  In our industry I find this a challenge as we have lost over the years the skilled craftsmen and women who could re upholster your grandma’s chairs. 

The common thread among the 2021 trends is comfort and it is definitely my favorite!